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These are my actual before and after photos. After 2 rounds I’ve lost a total of 41 lbs and 34.5 inches. I’m a work in progress, but I’ll get there with Legacy HCG and Dr. Simeons ‘Pounds and Inches’ protocol. You can too! Order yours TODAY! I LOVE being a ‘Loser’! UPDATE~ I’ve now lost 60 lbs and over 45 inches!!

My daughter Crystal minus 30 lbs!!!

Lisa Duran Nyhart after losing 35 lbs with hCG!           Another happy Legacy HCG user

Sarah and Roe Merritts


Andrea Weniger
Lost 14lbs and 17.25 inchess

Written Testimonials

Good Morning! I am down 17lbs as of this morning
R1P2D18. I will be starting the maintenance round in 1 week
Posted by: Missy C

Lost 20lbs the first phase i did and its been 3
week after the Maintenance and i haven’t gained a Pound! I love that i am at my
Goal weight again!!! Thanks HCG Revival!!
Posted by: Josh D

I love the HCG Diet. If you want results like these,
Before 200lbs – After 140lbs! These results were achieved on 3 rounds of HCG Revival
Posted by: Lisa S

Round-3 Phase-2 Day-11 Down 15 lbs. Can’t believe
it, I got into a pair of pants today that I haven’t worn in years and they will
be to large before too long. Really excited because I have more nice clothes in
this size and smaller. When I get so big I quit worrying about what I look like
I just want it to fit. Down 35 lbs. since beginning HCG
Posted by: Joyce T

Round-1 Phase-2 Day-4 Down 5 pounds.. using the
drops and honestly surprised at the lack of hunger. I was a naysayer when I first
heard about this diet. Few years back I went from 260 to 165 in 5 months the old
fashion way (counting cals and working out) but after a pregnancy and football injury
gained 40 pounds back.. for the past year I’ve been working out, logging my food
with myfitnesspal, and still not losing. So finally gave in and tried hgc with MAJOR
skepticism..but looks like I may have to eat my words. I’m still playing football
but on those days I increase intake to 800 then back to 500 on off days. So far
so good..
Posted by: Thomastrius W

Lost 40lbs. in 2 1/2 mos.
Posted by: Yvonne B

Lost 7kg in the first week but then got pregnant
lol oops. But I will go back on it when all is over
Posted by: Kazia E

lost 35 over the 40 days and an additional 55 over
4 months on my own…’s completely changed the way I eat and perceive food!!

Posted by: Shane F

I’ve lost 80 lbs!!! and have kept it off!! I still
have about 8- more to go!!
Posted by: Ashley G

Lost 25 pounds a year ago. Still doing great! :]
Posted by: Cassandra J

Lost 15lbs!!!!
Posted by: Natasha W

Since started on feb 8 I lost 13 pounds!
Posted by: Jessica O

My third week im down 15lbs….
Posted by: Kenyatta J

Started feb 12 down 12 pounds so far
Posted by: Tonya L

50 pounds total. I do ironman now.
Posted by: Mark M

I lost 20 lbs and my bf lost 23 and we are on day 26!
Posted by: Chrissie P

12 pounds in 7 weeks… slower than most but I will take it!
Posted by: Myra C

The HCG diet has changed my life for the better,and maybe even have saved it!! I was 353 pounds bfore I stated i,highly depressed,and hating life. I started my 1st round o October 6th,and finished in December,and lost 58 ponds. I’m nering the end of the 45 days of phase 2 of my 2nd round now,and am down a totl of 90 pounds as of today. I now weigh 263 pounds,looking great,and feeling great!! It’s litterally gave me my life back!!
Posted by: Lennis W


Round-1 Phase-2 Day-5 – 10 pounds down! :)
Posted by: Katie P

Doing well 10lbs in 8 days
Posted by: Abi B

hi ladies…
R1P2D17 –as of today i’ve lost 30.2lbs. that’s a lot, but i need to loose over 150, and i know that the heavier you are the quicker it comes off at the beginning. i sure do appreciate all the help you’ve given me. things have gone great–almost never hungry and plenty of energy. only had one cheat, which didn’t seem to slow my loss at all, and seeing those pounds go off every day sure keeps a girl on the right path
Posted by: Susan D

two pairs of SIZE 6 jeans $80.00; shopping without crying in the dressing room PRICELESS!!!!! thank you thank you thank you…..
Posted by: Lynn C

R1P2D2,-3lb! Yaaaaaay starting off great! :) I see so many exciting posts on here, this surely doubles excitments! Great job everyone and I am thankful for finding this page during this journey. 😉
Posted by: Lisa O

Been on this diet for 3 days an lost 5lbs!! I’m on day four I think the hardest part is not having my Tim hortons coffee 3 x a day!! Lol.. But I can see the results an I feel better!! Already..
Posted by: Renee B

Wow. 6 pounds in 3 days. I’m so glad to be back on HCG!
Posted by: Kim O

Hi, I’ve been in this diet for 13 days and so far lost 10 lbs
Posted by: Blanca M

ok i am down 4.2 lbs this morning that is 7.8 lbs in 2 days that is soooo awesome im right where i was when i loaded over this past weekend i knew thats what i needed i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Kelly S

I have lost 12.5 lbs
Posted by: Kim T

R2P2D31 -1.0 total 22.5 .. 1 more week to go! hopefully i hit 25 actually i want 4 lbs off that would give me a grand total of 40 lbs for the 2 rounds!
Posted by: Cherie B


P2D10 down 10lbs Feeling good!
Posted by: Abi P

Down 2 lbss on Tuesday..Down another 2.4 today! 4.4 Since Monday
Posted by: April C

Round-2 Phase-2 Day-12 -21lbs so far :)
Posted by: Barby A

R2P2D12 down .6 but I’ll take it, I’ll take .5 loss every day this round and no stalls! *fingers crossed*
Posted by: Pc C

I pulled a shirt out of my closet this weekend (in a hurry) and put it on. When I got to where I was going and looked in the mirror, I realized it looked like a tent. :)
Posted by: Donna M

im down 6 lbs :)
Posted by: Erika B

Ok so P2D16 total of 10 pounds lost and a total of 14 inches droped guess that is good I’m happy about it wish it was more though lol
Posted by: Christina D


R1P2D5– 10 pounds down! :)
Posted by: Katie P

Got started on this last Friday after three friends in a 24 hr time frame told me they were on it…I am the queen of every diet plan and diet book I have ever heard of…I am diabetic and it has been difficult to lose weight..PRAISE GOD!! I Lost 11 lbs from Friday to Tues…and my blood sugar is getting better and better. and I AM NOT HUNGRY!!! I TRULY AM NOT HUNGRY~~~I have had so many fiends who have had gastric bypasses, lap bands and now stomach sleeves..some have done well, many have not…some are sick, and some have gained their wt back and are sick, too…I did not want to go under the KNIFE!!!!

Posted by: Tommye T

Many many times i considered surgery… I found HCG in the nick of time Thank God!!!!!!

Posted by: Cherie B

So Far I am down 9 lbs :)

Posted by: Sarah F

started on sat and have losted 6lbs in 4 days

Posted by: Shirley M

lost total of 34 lbs on 40 day cycle i’m @ 218 and only gained 2 lbs back. Wanna do one more cycle to ge to 205 lbs.

Posted by: Vinny L

One week mark today down 8 lbs

Posted by: Jennifer B

We got ours, homeopathic, but, we have always used it. He’s lost well over 70lbs. And I have lost 50lbs….it works for us!!

Posted by: Rachel P

During the first round, I averaged about 1 to 2 pounds loss a day

Posted by: Lennis W

Typically, patients lose less pounds but more inches during their second round. Each round is different. I only know from experience… I lost 226 lbs in 12 months and I did 5 rounds of HCG.

Posted by: John G

YES!!! 2lbs down this morning!

Posted by: Jana L

lost 4 lbs by day 4…since loading. This is my second round of REALLY trying, but first time to use the pellets. Which are a lot easier to take with you.

Posted by: Kara K

Day 8 and I’ve lost 10.5 lbs so far

Posted by: Laura K

You can do it!!! I lost 20 lbs in 23 days

Posted by: Missy C

R1P2D5– 10 pounds down! :)

Posted by: Katie P


I lost 45 Lbs

Posted by: Cindy A

I have tried them all lol I have lost 120 lbs on the HCG Diet Drops and Pellets

Posted by: Joanne P

I have lost 20 lbs from my first round last year and this time I have about 10-12 to lose.

Posted by: Kara H

lost 12,8lbs during the first 10 days

Posted by: Jana R